COVID-19 – Resources and Consulting

We offer consulting services and education for businesses or individuals seeking help in their re-opening process. We offer comprehensive consulting for COVID-19 in Dane County that is in compliance with Order 8:


    • Latest guidance and research

    • All required signage per Order 8

    • Individualized risk assessment template

    • Walk-through of your business and practices

    • Employee education and planning – live or pre-recorded seminar

    • Personalized comprehensive safety plan to reduce identified risks


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Learn about COVID-19 from a health care provider who has seen its devastating effects on the front lines in New York City and from an epidemiologist with a PhD in public health who has responded during every step of the pandemic.

We provide comprehensive individualized plans to improve business and workplace safety from COVID-19. We work with businesses one-on-one, including a live evaluation of your space and procedures, to provide you with a top-to-bottom plan to keep your workplace and customers safe.

Consult with an expert who can help your business re-open as safely and effectively as possible. We identify business flow and procedures specific to your business that pose risk and help mitigate those threats. We can teach your employees about infection control, how the disease is spread, and how to most effectively reduce the risk to your employees and customers.

For health care providers: We have co-produced a free lecture that has been peer-reviewed and hosted by an internationally known nursing education charity. It is available via YouTube here. Additionally, a free online course that we have consulted and provided resources for is available via Next Gen University here.